Just got a call from the Husband about a social engagement well into the future. But it gave him the opportunity to remind me that today’s date is 1/11/11, and he suggested I do something today that requires me to write the date as I just did. Having only two options that I can think of, either write a cheque to pay a bill or post on my blog, I chose the less painful. The next chance, as near as I can tell, for a really cool date will be Nov. 11 – 11/11/11.

In other news, the ladies gave us six eggs again today. They’re on a roll!

There is something…

rotten in the state of Denmark. A strange thing seems to have happened in my house the last couple of weeks. A few minutes ago I opened the fridge to get the yeast for making bread.

And good heavens, I discovered three pounds of butter.


Clearly I had had great plans for cookie baking this Christmas, but I seemed to have lost my way.

Then, upon opening the cupboard to retrieve the salt, I spied a large bag of pecan pieces. They had been destined to combine with some of that butter to form melt-in-your-mouth pecan fingers.

Alas and alack, I fear I cannot in good conscience make all these delectable treats now. Not after the last month of overindulgence. But how can I possibly let another entire year go by before eating such delicacies?

In all fairness to me, the past few months have been strange and unsettling. Sending eldest son off to college has done more than leave the kids bathroom slightly cleaner.

I suspect the leave-taking this weekend will be gentler than the first.

I am, however, still left with three pounds of butter.


The college boy is home – huzzah! And he’s actually spending time at home too, which is nice. He does have a date this afternoon, with a friend who happens to be a girl.

Until then we’re just hanging out, having a leisurely breakfast (thank god for the hens!) and doing some of the laundry he brought home. Yes, he traveled over two- hundred miles and brought dirty clothes with him. Men!

Now I must away to brave the shops.


I’m in the holiday mood. It took a weekend of baking cookies, but I’m finally ready to think about gifts, cards, decorations, etc.

This happens every year. I find it harder and harder to get motivated as the boys get older. They’re no longer bringing home adorable seasonal crafts. (Why don’t they do that in high school? I bet the kids would love it.) They’re no longer excited about Santa, or at least they’re not sharing that excitement with me.

So my Christmas motivation has to come from another source, and it’s food. Surprise!

I made two cookie recipes this weekend, both new to me. The first, from my pal Judi, called Joe Froggers. Evidently an old New England recipe designed to take on long sailing voyages because the cookies stay soft and fresh for EVER. Something about the rum in the dough. They’re a molasses spice cookie and are divine.

The second I found on the fun website The Pioneer Woman. She’s doing a bunch of cookie recipes, and this one caught my eye. I love fruitcake but no one else in my house does. So I’m the one who’s forced, FORCED I tell you, to eat the entire thing all by myself. This is not good for the fitting of the jeans. Well, this fabulous fruitcake cookie recipe solves the problem. Hubby likes them, too. It might be the brandy in the batter, and/or the brandy glaze on top. Yum!

Now I’ll dig out my tried and true recipes for shortbread, sugar cookies, pecan fingers, and Swedish xmas cookies. Buttery winter goodness.

I have a good excuse…

really. I was out of the country in a land where there is no air-port. AKA my mom’s house. I suppose I could have tried logging on with her computer, but I didn’t. I did manage a few thousand words on my NaNo project. Leaving me only 10K behind. Ugh.

In other news, son #1 looks great, and is seriously loving college life. Son #2 toured his first pick of university. He picked out his favorite dorm. He’s ready to move. *sniff*


Okay, I’m breaking my schedule rule, what else is new?

A damp, raw day here, and I was feeling very sorry for my hens, foraging in the drizzle, and then having to return to a damp chicken run. So I spent an hour out in the cold, windy rain stapling plastic sheeting to the sides of the run. Now they will stay dry, and have a shelter from the wind. This should also keep their living quarters warmer, and less drafty, too.

Oh, what I do for fresh eggs!

In NaNo news, I’ve cracked 30K. Must…catch…up!


I was so busy yesterday, Friday, I plum forgot to post. I had a fabulous meeting with my critique partners. And today, I helped hubby with a hall flooring project, and I put a second coat of paint on the living room walls. I’m liking the change of colour.

We just finished a supper of potato fritatta, courtesy of our excellent hens.

I truly hope I can get caught up on my NaNo word count tomorrow.


I’m still churning away at NaNo. I’ve written a little over 20K words, so I’m on track to “win”. Traveling later in the month will be a challenge, and I’m hoping to “bank” some words, just in case.

This lady is one of our stellar egg-layers. Isn’t she beautiful?

A foggy day…

A rainy, foggy day here. The weather seems to have sapped my energy. But there are too many things on my list for the day, so I can’t give in to the lure of my chesterfield and afghan.

NaNo is going great, I’m really having fun with this story, tentatively titled “Love and Mayhem”. Set in 1878 London, it’s a reunion story of sorts. The hero Max (of course) was captured by pirates just before his wedding. He doesn’t return for nine years. Sybil, the heroine, is not very happy to see him when he shows up on her doorstep.

The ladies are doing well, keeping us well stocked with eggs. We’ll be giving some to our neighbors tomorrow. Perhaps I should make omelets for supper tonight, and French toast for breakfast, and…

Release day!

At long last, the day arrived when I became a published author. That day was yesterday. A very busy day including a blog release party hosted by my good friend Nina Pierce. And a lovely lunch at a local yacht club with my two fabulous critique partners, Deb and Judi. I’m am truly blessed to have so many great friends.

If you’d like to take a look at my novella, and read an excerpt, visit