Well, I was going to write about sending the college boy back to school. But instead, I’ll post this link to another great review of Where There’s Heat.

Oh, I forgot…

I reached 50K on my NaNo book by Nov 30th.


My last typed word was not “end” however, so I’m still working on the story. I have a little over 61k. I think I’m about 2/3 done. Time to turn the screws on Max and Sybil, mwa ha ha!

“Where do I begin, to tell the story of how great a love can be,…”

That’s my goal, as a romance author. To tell an awesome love story. The sub-genre, sub-plots, turning points are just the vehicle. The core of the story is about a man and a woman (cause that’s the way I think ☺) finding each other.

NaNoWriMo is letting me do that. No worries about plot points, character arcs, etc. I’m just telling the story of how Max and Sybil find each other.

The first line, by the way, is the opening lyric of “Where do I begin” by Carl Sigman and Franci Lai; made famous by Andy Williams.


Oy. It’s become obvious that waiting for the urge to strike before writing a post is not working. I thought something interesting would ignite a spark, I’d run to my computer and jot down a bit of brilliance.


Either I lead a terribly boring life, or I allow the gremlin called procrastination to have too much power. I hope it’s the latter.

So, borrowing from many of my favorite blogs, I’ve decided to have theme days. Not everyday, mind you. I’m too aware of my own foibles and failings to even think about committing myself to a task so daunting.

I will post twice a week. Monday will feature my thoughts on the writing life, and Friday will be about anything else. I like to make things easy for myself.