Here’s something I’ve discovered about my writing. Being a “pantser”, I’ve assumed that I start a story with a basic premise, like “Lizzy moves back home to recover from heartbreak, and gets involved with the local politics…”. I write the story, discover the characters in the process, and bam! It all comes together at the end. Ha!

No no no. What I’ve learned doing NaNo this year, is that I need to know my story, the whole kit and kaboodle, even the fabulously uplifting ending, before I start. It’s not enough to have the opening line, paragraph, chapter. Because god knows I’ll veer off into a bog of sucktitude. When I say “know the story” I don’t mean I know everything that will happen, every twist, turn, plummet into despair. But I need to know what’s driving the characters on their individual journeys. And I need to know what brings them together and pulls them apart. Again, not the events, but the deep feelings – the internal conflict.

Gosh, it all boils down to Goal, Motivation and Conflict. Thanks Debra Dixon!!

NaNo word count: 25,345

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3 Responses to “Conflict”

  1. Janet says:

    Oh, No – not you, too! Karyn’s post today is on GMC – and Scene and Sequel – ARGH!!

    But I totally understand the ‘write yourself into a corner’ problem. I do that – a lot!

    I hope you find the deep conflicts – and keep writing, you’re doing so well (half way there ^*^ ^*^ ^*^ ^*^)

  2. Janet says:

    Just so you know, I posted a comment here on Tuesday! I have no idea where it is, but I posted it!

    Love the pic of your most ‘eggs’ellent hen :)

    And rules – ARGH! But I hear you about getting derailed half way into a story. Hope you get the GMC worked out and continue to rock NaNo :)

    Now, I’m going to post this again *sigh*

  3. admin says:

    Fear not, my mom was having trouble posting too. I need to speak with a mucky-muck, I guess.

    I love my hens, even when they poop on me, hehe.

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