I’m in the holiday mood. It took a weekend of baking cookies, but I’m finally ready to think about gifts, cards, decorations, etc.

This happens every year. I find it harder and harder to get motivated as the boys get older. They’re no longer bringing home adorable seasonal crafts. (Why don’t they do that in high school? I bet the kids would love it.) They’re no longer excited about Santa, or at least they’re not sharing that excitement with me.

So my Christmas motivation has to come from another source, and it’s food. Surprise!

I made two cookie recipes this weekend, both new to me. The first, from my pal Judi, called Joe Froggers. Evidently an old New England recipe designed to take on long sailing voyages because the cookies stay soft and fresh for EVER. Something about the rum in the dough. They’re a molasses spice cookie and are divine.

The second I found on the fun website The Pioneer Woman. She’s doing a bunch of cookie recipes, and this one caught my eye. I love fruitcake but no one else in my house does. So I’m the one who’s forced, FORCED I tell you, to eat the entire thing all by myself. This is not good for the fitting of the jeans. Well, this fabulous fruitcake cookie recipe solves the problem. Hubby likes them, too. It might be the brandy in the batter, and/or the brandy glaze on top. Yum!

Now I’ll dig out my tried and true recipes for shortbread, sugar cookies, pecan fingers, and Swedish xmas cookies. Buttery winter goodness.

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5 Responses to “Finally…”

  1. Janet says:

    So both batches of cookies this weekend had booze in them? Hmmm, maybe it’s not food, but alcohol that puts you in the Christmas Spirit (ha – yep, I said ‘spirit’)/

    I’m going to try the fruit cake cookies – they look great and something different than my usual shortbread and gingersnaps and rum balls. Oh, yeah, and I need another treat with alcohol in it since I seem to have only one – maybe it, too, will put me in the Christmas Spirit (which is sorely lackiing right now)!

  2. Janet says:

    Aha – my comment is missing! It was a good one, too – about the fact you seem to have a lot of ‘spirits’ in your cookies, the true reason for your Christmas Spirit (only I told it better the first time).

    But, alas, no comment came through. Maybe this time? *crosses fingers*

  3. admin says:

    Dagnammit! (not sure how that’s spelled, but it sounds right to me, hehe) I’m so sorry my comment feature sucks.

  4. Janet says:

    Hey, my first comment showed up! OK, now I have to admit that it really wasn’t that good :(

    And no worries about your comment feature – just know that I am here, reading :)

  5. admin says:

    Hey, I found a bunch of your earlier comments in the spam file, along with all sorts of interesting offers and opportunities, hehe. I “un-spammed” “de-spammed”? you.

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