Works in Progress

Where There’s Heat
Spicy contemporary romance
34,000 words
Status:  Published by The Wild Rose Press

Angie Davis is a young pastry chef working at a popular restaurant in Boston. When her mother runs off with her latest toy boy, Angie rushes back to her small hometown in Maine to rescue the family pasta factory. Not content to return to the boonies, she decides to sell the business, fast, and get back to her real life. But before she can escape, she meets up with the man of her high school fantasies, and questions whether she needs the bright lights and big city to be happy.

Coming Undone
Spicy contemporary romance
34,000 words
Status:  under consideration

Being in upper management at a family-owned class ring manufacturer seems to be all Sophia needs. She has a nice office, great friends, and is comfortable in her own skin. But then a younger man joins the company, and Sophia discovers she needs so much more.

With This Ring
Spicy contemporary romance with paranormal elements
21,000 words
Status:  revised and ready to go

This “princess and the pea” story set in modern times in a fictional kingdom in Eastern Europe tells the tale of a lonely king and the princess who steals his heart, with the help of a bit of magic.

Spicy paranormal romance
60,000 +/- words
Status:  nearing completion

Izzabella is running out of time. If she doesn’t find her “one true love” before her thirtieth birthday, she will be doomed to a loveless existence on earth. And will be forced to spend eternity with a cranky demon. Unfortunately, Izzy’s ancestor’s journal is hiding more than it’s revealing, her magic spell success rate is a dismal 25 percent, and the sexy neighbor isn’t interested in settling down.

Portrait of a Girl
Sexy romantic suspense
60,000 +/- words
Status:  in queue for revision

Heather comes home for her father’s funeral, thinking she’ll put his affairs in order and get back to wandering the country. She discovers long buried secrets, an international crime syndicate, and a free-lance photographer who pops up in the most unusual places.

Spicy Victorian Romance
80,000 +/- words
Status: Nearing completion

Sybil is officially on the shelf, and quite comfortable to be there. She’d been betrothed once, but the rotter disappeared on a sea voyage, never to be heard from again. Until he shows up one evening for supper.

Maxwell was on his way to Canada to claim some land. Pirates had other plans. After spending a few years as a buccaneer, Max settled in Jamaica, invested in a plantation, and became wealthy. He has to return to England to settle his family estate, and decides to drop in on his old friend, Sybil’s brother.

A Place of Her Own
Contemporary romance
60,000 +/- words
Status:  in queue for massive revision (NaNo project)

Marella owns a quaint consignment shop, in a quaint seaside village. Cliff arrives as the front man for the company that has bought up half the town, determined to cash in on the quaintness factor. Which will lead to the destruction of everything Marella loves.

Sheltered Island
Sexy contemporary romance
60,000 +/- words
Status:  sitting under the bed

Jenny needs time to lick her wounds and heal from several bad decisions. She heads to the seclusion of her grandparent’s old house in a tiny fishing village.